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Back in 1996, France made a bold attempt to take the Sonic series in a new direction with Sonic Underground.  Ambitious but utterly misguided, the show is widely regarded as the worst Sonic animated work in history (if X didn't beat it).  Now in 2014, just when we were starting to accept Sonic's boost gameplay, Adventure-esque design and new, if slight additions to the cast (Orbot and Cubot, for example), it was all thrown out the window as Sega has recently announced the new TV series and video game tie-in, Sonic…

According to Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Sonic Boom aims to "be at once familliar but also new" with its drastic re-design of the series' stars and world, and this new look will stay with Sonic for a pretty long time.  Gone are the interstellar amusement parks, time rifts and hexagonal planets.  Gone are many of the beloved characters from the Adventure era.  Gone is the boost gameplay.  As for the cartoon, it will be animated by France's OuiDo! productions and will air on Cartoon Network in the future (a first for any Sonic property).

This is not the Sonic that you're used to, oh no.  This is the new direction of Sonic, possibly planned during Lost World's development or maybe as early as when Sonic Team's writers wanted to take the series in a "new direction," which was basically an antithesis of the "dark," "serious" games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic '06.

And people are being upset about this cartoon? They're hailing it as the new "worst Sanic toon ever made"? Seriously, worse than Underground?

To be honest, this trailer looks pretty decent.  The character designs don't stray too far from the previous ones outside of giving Sonic and pals clothing, the animation is good by animated series' standards (although the models still look a little weird to me, maybe it's the narrower faces), and while the writing's cheesy, it fits the tone of the series well.  Sega didn't pull a 4Kids again and kept the voice cast.  I could stand losing Ryan Drummond, Connor Bringas, Jason Griffith, Dan Green and others, but now that we've had professional voice actors since Colors at long last, Sega wisely decided not to get rid of them.  I'm actually more relieved than frightened by this trailer!

I know why other Sonic fans are freaking out about this, but I think Sonic Boom will be much better than they're making it out to be.  It's not going to be the next Underground, X or SatAM.  It won't be the best cartoon or a classic, of course, but I'm oddly looking forward to Sonic Boom.  It probably won't be a big winner, but it looks fun.

Also the Christmas journal was getting old


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